A bit about me and my coding journey

I am a 16 y/o school student/developer from Bangalore, India.

I learnt to code when the pandemic started. I started my coding journey with python.

After a few weeks of writing python code I wanted to build an app for schools to conduct online exams easily instead of using Google forms that did not provide much flexibilty. I then found out that I needed Javascript to accomplish this task.

After few months of reading blogs and watching Youtube videos, I felt I was ready to start building projects. I was not able to build projects while learning to code due to hectic online classes.

few months later...

After building a Netflix clone with the help of Youtube, I came across this post from Hashnode about a hackathon. I really got excited and built Copii. And when I saw the email notification that mentioned that I was pinged in results post...I cannot explain the excitement in words

I was really happy because my work was recogonized. And I was delighted to see the GitHub stars grow from 0 to 20+. I know it's not a lot, but it meant a lot to me.

And eventually I started participating in most of the hackathons conducted by Hashnode in my free time and the projects built kept on growing. You can view all projects here.

At present, my favourite project is Hyperdocs and preferred tech stack is nextjs, tailwindcss, next-auth, planetscale db and prisma.

I'm currently in 12th standard which is quite important for me, so I just maintain my previous projects. Hopefully I'll be able to build more projects and expand my skill set once schooling ends.

Feel free to contact me or you can dm me on Twitter too.